Founded in 2006, Transonic Combustion’s TSCi™ fuel injection systems provide global automotive manufacturers with high efficiency fuel delivery technology for their modern engine platforms. The company is backed by Venrock, Khosla Ventures, Rustic Canyon and Saints Capital. Transonic Combustion is headquartered in Camarillo, California.


June Transonic Combustion, Inc. founded
July Series A - $5M
August Initial electromagnetic prototype tested
September First single cylinder engine running


January First test on multiple fuels (Bio-Diesel/Gasoline)
July Series B – $12M
December First 4 cylinder engine running


May Series B1 – $2M
June First piezo actuated injector tested
December Brian Ahlborn (Automotive Executive) Joins Transonic Combustion as President and CEO


January First vehicle test on chassis dyno
March First customer program completed
April 100 mpg achieved on chassis dyno
First engine independently tested by a customer (OEM)
May Series C – $12M


March First engine tested at an independent engineering test lab
May Transonic Combustion welcomes automotive veterans Robert Lutz and Donald Runkle to its Board of Directors
June 64 MPG EPA highway (87 octane gasoline) achieved on a typical sedan
September Wolfgang Bullmer joins Transonic Combustion as President and COO
World Economic Forum selects Transonic Combustion as a 2011 Technology Pioneer
October Wolfgang Bullmer named CEO


February Selected to Showcase Technology at 2011 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit
June Vehicle simulation over NEDC drive cycle demonstrates 28% fuel economy improvement
December Proof of Concept completed demonstrating durability and product performance


March Named a 2012 Energy Innovation Pioneer at their annual conference by CERA
April Published 2 technical papers for SAE 2012
May Identified and tested a robust ignition strategy over full engine operating range with California Regular Gasoline
Second customer program commenced
June A-Samples designed and tested
October Series D – $32M