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The fundamental challenge is that on average about 15% of the energy from the gasoline you put into your tank gets used to move your car down the road. The rest of the energy is lost to engine and driveline inefficiencies and idling. The engine is where most thermal efficiency loss takes place. Attempts to improve efficiency usually result in increased amounts of harmful emissions.


Transonic Combustion’s heated fuel injection system allows for both improved engine efficiency and reduced emissions. This technology can be installed onto Spark Ignited Direct Injection engines and Compression Ignition engines.

Market Potential

The automotive and internal combustion engine market remains highly attractive in terms of stability and revenue potential. The accessible market volume in 2016 is estimated at 30M vehicles/engines. Market forecasts over 80% of vehicles in the next 15 years will have internal combustion engines, either as stand-alone propulsion systems or as hybrid systems combined with electric motors.

Legislative requirements for improved emission standards (Europe in 2016 and California in 2017) as well as fuel economy (Europe in 2020 and the US in 2025 - 54 mpg) coupled with increased customer demand continue to fuel the need for technology that facilitates vehicle manufacturers in meeting these upcoming requirements.

Transonic Combustion’s technology is already considered by multiple vehicle manufacturers as a highly value-driven approach for emissions reduction and fuel efficiency. We are very excited with the current expansion of our strategy to include emissions reduction for spark ignited engines. However, Transonic Combustion is continuing to invest resources into our core business of compression ignition combustion system development. Feedback from the market has been extremely positive.

Seeking Investment

Transonic Combustion is an appealing company that is poised for rapid growth. With new OEM contracts in hand the company is seeking additional equity capital for expansion. Transonic Combustion has captured the intelligence and expertise to put together this unique solution for improving engine efficiency and reducing emissions.